Make Your Own World creative writing retreat with Elizabeth Knox

2321 Takaka-Collingwood Hwy
Collingwood 7073

Whilst assembling a story in a logical and pleasing way, participants will think about what they've done that is productive of more story, and a more satisfying story, and of deeper meaning. They'll pursue thrills, cauterize any bleeding energy, take the story apart and put it together differently. And, as we go, we'll discuss and work on all the usual things, the handling of narrative time, of point of view, pace, tone, and psychological acuity.

I see the world-building course as useful and stimulating to anyone producing long narrative -- particularly speculative fiction, which is what I love to write. But not confined to the speculative, because it forms only part of what I like to read, and because I'm for the energy of genre -- which comes from the compulsions of its readers -- but against its strictures, cliched plots, ossified tropes, and standardised language.

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