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Anne Ingram is a children's writer. She also produces a weekly children’s programme for radio. While living in Asia she was commissioned to write three collections of Asian legends which were released in Asia, the UK and New Zealand. Her first novel, Sea Robbers, is about a young New Zealand boy and modern day pirates off the coast of Borneo. She has worked as a journalist, editor, and teacher, and she has also managed her own children’s specialist bookstore. Her short stories have been broadcast on National Radio and on Coast Access Radio and published in the School Journal. Anne Ingram is available for school visits as part of the Writers in Schools programme.


Place of residence: Kapiti Coast, New Zealand
Primary publisher: White Gull Press
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Ingram, Anne (1947 –) is a children’s writer. She was born in Auckland and spent her childhood years in Dunedin, Te Kuiti and Orewa. She’s lived and worked in Wellington, London, Christchurch, Singapore and Hamilton, but has spent the longest time where she lives now, in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast.

Ingram has worked as a journalist, editor, and teacher and had her own children’s specialist bookstore. Her stories have been broadcast on National Radio and on Coast Access Radio and published in the School Journal.

Her publications include Sea Robbers (Mallinson Rendel, 1995); Golden Legends of Vietnam, Golden Legends of Korea, Golden Legends of the Philippines (Heinemann Asia, 1996); and Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene (White Gull Press, 2014).

Sea Robbers is set in Borneo where Ben, on holiday, dreams of meeting modern day pirates. He wonders what they are really like and where they live. When he accidently stumbles on a pirate camp, he gets the chance to find out. In a review in the Dominion Post the book was described as ' exciting adventure about piracy and kidnapping in Borneo'. The Chronicle wrote, 'At 86 pages, the author manages to pack a lot of action into the tale, interspersed with an obvious knowledge of the country she writes about... she does a ripping job.'

Golden Legends of Korea, Golden Legends of the Philippines, and Golden Legends of Vietnam are collections of traditional tales, including creation myths, animal stories, ‘how and why’ stories, stories of heroism, adventure and romance. Each volume has 60 pages, is illustrated in full colour, has an introduction to the country’s history and culture and has a glossary.

As a member of the Kapiti Children’s Writers’ Group Charitable Trust, Ingram co-edited Shortz – Stories from Kapiti, a collection of 21 stories set in Kapiti by Kapiti writers (KCWG, 2012) and produced Shortz – Stories from Kapiti: 2 CDs (KCWG, 2013).

Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene (White Gull Press, 2014) is a story about identity, family, school, bullying and friendship. John McIntyre reviewed the book on National Radio, commenting, 'This is a delightful story of the small dramas children have in their lives – little nagging doubts about identity, loyalty, the shifting nature of friendship – which seem to underpin most dramas at primary school. Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene explores these and resolves them. Anne Ingram for years was a bookseller on the Kapiti Coast who specialised in children’s books, so she knows, understands how to write for children.' Barbara Murison reviewed the book on her blog, Around the Bookshops, 'This is one of those stories you simply do not want to put down.'

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writers in schools information

Ingram is available for visit schools through the Writers in Schools programme and treasures the messages sent to her afterwards, like the one from Manu at Paeroa Central School: 'I really like the story about the sun and the moon. The best bit I liked was when they called the King of Heaven and the King let down a golden chain and the children climbed the chain. Then the King of Heaven made the children into the sun and the moon.' Or the one from Ryder, 'Thank you for reading us a book about the tiger and the lion. I liked how Tammy and Eli dressed up.' And from Samuel, 'Thank you for coming to our school. I listened to your story. When we got back to the classroom, we kept on going with the mural and on Tuesday we are going to dye it.' And the one from Courtney at Mount Primary, 'The extracts you read were cool and very interesting. I wish to be the first one to read Sea Robbers. And from Laura: 'I liked the way you put the ribbon around where we sat, you were so right, it kept the monsters away.' And from Joanna, 'I read one of your books last week it was neat and I hope our library will get some more of your books soon... I got really hooked into the two extracts you read us but I was more amazed when you told us how the story formed.'

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