All About Women Satellite Event

12pm for a 12.30 start
Philip Carter Auditorium
Christchurch Art Gallery

Sydney Opera House, WORD Christchurch and Christchurch Art Gallery present ALL ABOUT WOMEN, live-streamed to Christchurch!

Once again, we are bringing an afternoon of smart feminist talk to Christchurch, with not one but three sessions from Sydney Opera House’s fantastic All About Women festival beaming straight into the Christchurch Art Gallery, with plenty of chances to mingle and discuss the exciting ideas of the day.

Start the day with the renowned Geena Davis in her talk, Women and Media. Sharing her insight into Hollywood and the global film industry, Geena will discuss how far we still need to travel before girls can see the variety of women they want to become in the films they watch, the shows they stream and the media they absorb every day.

Next, go backstage in an All About Women Satellite exclusive with Jessa Crispin to explore the ideas in her latest book, Why I Am Not A Feminist.

Then head back to the main event for the Nasty Women panel featuring Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Van Badham and Lindy West to explore the labels that are deployed to try to put women in their place. But what happens when women stop being afraid, and ‘nasty woman’ becomes a badge of honour?

If you were inspired by the recent Women’s March in Christchurch, keep the conversation going with this fantastic afternoon at the Christchurch Art Gallery.


12.30 – 1.30pm Geena Davis: Women in Media

1.35 – 1.55pm Backstage with Jessa Crispin

2 – 3pm Nasty Women

Supported by UC Arts.

Entry by koha on the door