Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival

Dunedin Public Art Gallery
and other venues

dwrflogocrop.PNGThe Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival has literary riches lined up for you this May.

We’re gathering over 80 writers, illustrators, performers and chairfolk together for 36 events: workshops, panel sessions, poetry readings, theatrical doings, book launches, and those nutritious solo-author immersion sessions where you get to spend an hour leaning against the mind of a favourite writer.

We wooed some of our authors from afar: Ian Rankin, Stella Duffy, John Lanchester, Hannah Kent, MJ Carter and Rebecca Vaughan. They’ll join a cracking Kiwi contingent that includes many 2017 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards finalists.

There’s something for every flavour of reader: a dastardly amount of crime; a flock of Flying Nuns; a tired mama on Mother’s Day telling it like it is; Polynesian existentialism; a froth of fiction; some literary metamorphosing; medicine cuddling the humanities; a monster and bee lark for the small ones; a septuagenarian birthday for a literary magazine; a trio of edgy evening sessions curated by Pirate & Queen; and poets galore (the Laureates, the politically peppy, the place- fond, a few magpies, and some rising stars).

For more information visit: http://www.dunedinwritersfestival.co.nz/