Hamilton Book Month


Hamilton Book Month is on again in August with 20 events (up from 13 in 2017).

There's lots of information on our website and people can "like" us on Facebook as Hamilton Book Month to get updates on authors and events.

There will be four workshops (illustration, poetry, travel and fiction), three panels (illustration, fiction and life writing), a quiz, a seminar, a play, book award authors, illustrators, local and national authors, a picture book event, storytelling, travel writing, life writing, children's and YA writing and more. Most events are free and registration to [email protected] is needed for a few.

We are bringing some authors, reviewers and illustrators to Hamilton such as Dame Fiona Kidman, Diana Wichtel, Vivianne Flintoff, Donovan Bixley, Angie Belcher, Catherine Robertson, James Russell and Kiran Dass. We are also celebrating our local Waikato talent including Catherine Chidgey, Tracey Slaughter, Nikki Crutchley, Kat Merewether, Julie Thomas and Angela Keoghan.

Please email [email protected] with any enquiries.

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