Writes for Women - Rēwena by Whiti Hereaka

BATS Theatre
1 Kent Tce

In association with the 2017 Women in Theatre Hui and Circa Theatre’s WTF! Women’s Theatre Festival, BATS presents a short series of play readings from leading New Zealand women playwrights. Guided by well-known women theatre directors and performed by a cast of professional actors, the chosen plays are Fix by Jess Sayer, Esther by Angie Farrow and Rēwena by Whiti Hereaka.

Thursday 16 March - Rēwena by Whiti Hereaka

Welcome to the home of Maggie, the well-known proprietress of the popular pub The Thymus of the Lambs. Tonight she will teach you the secrets of making Rēwena (don’t call it Maori bread around her!) and yes, it’s the recipe she taught to that hoha Neill; but she won’t be talking about him even though they’re showing the final of The Baker’s Dozen tonight and he’s one of the last three…

Directed by Tina Cook

Performed by Tanea Heke

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