Harrison, Stuart

Harrison, Stuart

In Brief

Stuart Harrison is a novelist with a background in marketing. He was born in England and has been a New Zealand resident since 1980. His first novel, The Snow Falcon (1999), was highly successful, and he has gone on to write several more books which have been translated into a range of languages. His fiction draws on elements of genres such as thriller, mystery, and eco-romance.


HARRISON, Stuart (1958-) is a novelist.

Harrison was born and raised in England. He has been a resident in New Zealand since 1980.

Professionally, Harrison worked in marketing from 1980 until 1998. With the publication of the hugely successful The Snow Falcon (1999), Harrison became a full-time writer.

Harrison, whose real name is the less marketable Blunsom, received a huge advance for his first novel The Snow Falcon. His next three novels, Stillwater (2000), Better Than This (2001), and Lost Summer (2002) have established him as an internationally successful writer.

Harrison’s work has been described as part eco-romance, part thriller, and has to date been translated into 11 languages. Often described as 'tough as it is tender, [Harrison writes] an exceptionally well-woven tapestry of romance and danger.'

Stuart Harrison lives in Auckland.

Part psychological thriller, Lost Summer was published in 2002. Aphrodite's Smile (2004)


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